Amaysim still standing strong

Over the past year there has been a consolidation of the mobile reseller market due to market forces. The collapse of companies like Kogan Mobile has highlighted the fragility of the MVNO model and the reliance of the resellers on the wholesaler.

The companies that have gone under in the past year include big names in the reseller market such as Kogan, PennyTel and even Red Bull mobile. There is even talk that Aldi mobile may also be going under soon.

Amaysim, who have been around for a while, are not fazed by the collapses around them. Amaysim have indicated that they are still achieving customer growth and has a great relationship with Optus. This relationship is backed up by a strong long term contract which gives it and it’s customers, security in the operation.

Amaysim now have one of the most competitive prepaid offerings on the market and look to now consolidate this position. If you’re looking to join, you can find a coupon which will give you a discount off your purchase. An Amaysim coupon can be found on this website.

The rise of Growler stations

Growlers are becoming all the rage in Australia after already being a big hit in the US and New Zealand markets.

Growlers have an interesting name, but are just 1.9 litre glass jugs which are used to pour beer from a keg into. The advantage of the concept of growlers is that the beer they are purchasing is fresher than regular bottled beer. You can also get access to beer which is from a limited run.

Another advantage of Growlers is that they are also usually cheaper than buying the equivalent amount of bottled beer.

For retailers, there is the advantage that Growlers seem to be a popular trend and are growing in it’s awareness. Retailers are attracting beer lovers looking for a unique experience.

Dan Murphy’s is one of the large retailers taking on this new concept. They have started to introduce a number of growler stations around the country. The company expects to have success with beer drinkers looking for a boutique flavour.¬†For a Dan Murphy’s coupon visit here.